* 1. How often do you visit with your child's teacher?

* 2. I am kept well informed of the activities at the school.

* 3. I receive clear information regarding my child's academic progress.

* 4. What is/are the best way(s) for the school to communicate with you and your family?

* 5. What limits your participation in your child's school activities, meetings, or conferences?

* 6. When would it be most convenient for you to attend meetings?

* 7. Have you attended a school Title I Annual Parent Meeting?

* 8. Are you familiar with the School Parent Compact?

* 9. Were you involved in the planning of the Parent Involvement Policy and School Parent Compact?

* 10. Do you feel your child is safe at school?

* 11. School staff considers my opinion when it comes to decisions concerning my child.

* 12. The school is parent friendly.

* 13. Parents have opportunities to become involved in activities that support the instructional program.

* 14. Parents are provided training and encouraged to work with their children at home.

* 15. Teachers show caring and encouragement when working with students.

* 16. Teachers pay attention to student interests, problems, and success in the classroom.

* 17. Teachers pay attention to student interests, problems, and success out of the classroom.

* 18. Students are provided recognition for success.

* 19. Students are provided with immediate and specific feedback and are continuously monitored and assessed (tested).

* 20. Physical facilities provide a secure, clean, and attractive setting where the emphasis is on academic achievement.

* 21. Please share any comments or suggestions:

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