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Welcome to the application for the AIPAC Advocacy Institute.

Our goal is to train 40-50 of the most committed high school students in the D.C. area for present and future leadership within the pro-Israel political movement. To prepare them for leadership now and on their future college campuses, and to lay the groundwork for their involvement in pro-Israel political leadership for the rest of their lives.

The entire application process for the AIPAC Advocacy Institute will include this application, resume, photo, and teacher recommendation.

Upon being selected for the program, each student and their parents will sign a contract securing his or her participation for the full two-year course. The opening session, one midpoint session, and the final graduation session will be combined forums with the students and their parents.

Please send all additional application materials to AIPAC Early Engagement Director Sara Ashman at sashman@aipac.org.