In coordination with the Chief Seattle Club’s redevelopment of the site at 108 2nd Ave Ext S., Fortson Square will also be recreated as a welcoming place for everyone. The site will not only function as the front yard for the new housing, but it will continue to function as an important pedestrian crossroads for visitors moving to and from the Pioneer Square Station as well as between Downtown and the Pioneer Square and Chinatown/International District neighborhoods. Balancing the need for the site to serve as both a transitory and stationary space is integral to the success of the redesign.

Beyond its functional use, the redesign of Fortson Square provides an opportunity to reference and reinforce the rich cultural history of the Pioneer Square neighborhood. The site is situated near the edge of what was once a tidal lagoon, where the Duwamish people had built a winter village and gathered for celebration and trade. Seattle currently lacks an outdoor public place dedicated to Seattle’s original inhabitants; as such, the redesign of Fortson Square provides an opportunity to create a place that is culturally resonant to the Salish peoples and expressive of their art and traditions.

The following questions will help guide the project in understanding your preferences and priorities for Fortson Square. We welcome any additional comments and feedback at For more detailed project info, please visit

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Fortson Square Project Area

Fortson Square Project Area