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1. Introduction

The Global Solar Council is the voice of the world’s solar energy industry on the global stage, a non-profit body representing national, regional and international associations as well as leading solar sector corporations.

We are doing this survey to understand how well businesses operating in the solar PV sector are coping with the current market context, their future outlook and how well they think policy is supporting the adoption of solar PV*. The study comes one year after we heard how companies were responding to the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s part of our commitment to listen to the experience and expectations of solar businesses and raise awareness about the key role PV can play in a green recovery and in moving rapidly toward long-term decarbonization goals.

The findings from the survey will be published by the Global Solar Council and presented in a webinar on May 6th. To stay updated, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The survey contains 12 questions and is anonymous except for any email address you may wish to provide in the final question. All results will be analyzed in aggregated form only.

Thank you for your contribution.

* Note: if you work for a multinational company please indicate the country your business unit or team is based in and provide answers about conditions in that country or region. If you have a global remit, please select “Global” from the first question (country list) and respond about the global context.
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