Background Information

Welcome - and thank you for taking the FELIX-HEALTH Operational Stress Survey.  The survey has 28 questions and will take approximately 5-6 minutes to complete.

This survey is a clinically approved survey adapted very slightly to include some broader issues beyond PTSD which is its main focus.  If you are an AT or an ATO, serving or retired, it helps enormously if you fill this in.

- It is ANONYMOUS - we do not capture any personal details, IP address names, etc.
- Please answer honestly - otherwise we are all wasting each others time.
- Please only do the survey once, so we don't skew results.
- Please get any AT or ATO colleagues to do this - only if we get a significant number will we get useful    statistics.

We'll share results after a few weeks of collection, general trends and findings such as prevalence of cancer etc.

There are three components of this survey:

Part 1 - which asks about your service in very broad terms.

Part 2 - which is a clinically approved Operational Stress survey and which will give you a personal score. Make a note of it.
Part 3 - which asks three questions about cancer, neurological conditions and unusual vision problems.  To be clear, we don't know if these health issues are prevalent in our community and these questions shouldn't panic you. But if we gather some data from you it might be able to tell us, one way or another, if these conditions are a concern.

MAKE A NOTE OF YOUR OPERATIONAL STRESS SCORE.  We would suggest if you score 35 or over you should have chat with someone. A score less than 35 doesn’t of course mean you have no stress concerns at all – but the process of scoring may give you pause to think. If you are worried about any aspect of operationally induced stress – such as depression and anxiety, or such things as abuse of alcohol, then talk to someone. You need not tackle this alone. Talk to us, or talk to a pal or talk to your work colleagues.

We’ll be able to use all this fully anonymous data to help make the case for improving support to our community. The more ATs and ATOs (serving and retired)  who complete it, the more valid the data is. Get your pals to do it, but please only once!

Once again, thank you for completing the survey.

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* 1. I confirm that I am over 18 and have served as an AT or ATO.

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* 2. What age group do you belong to:

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* 3. What was your last role in a CIED team:

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* 4. Military Service - are you:

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* 5. Have you served in any of the following theatres?