Real Diaper Industry Association is a community of peers dedicated to the sustainability of cloth diapering.

Please take 1-2 minutes for this survey. Your answers to these questions will not only help us capture industry data, but will help us better understand the current issues, challenges and opportunities cloth diaper businesses face while informing our advocacy and planning process.

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Janelle Cridland
Executive Director, RDIA

* 1. When did you establish your business?

* 2. How did you start your business (purchased existing, from scratch)?

* 3. How would you classify your business?

* 4. What is the geographical location and service area size of your business?

* 5. What is the physical nature of your business? (check all that apply)

* 6. What type of diapers do you offer?

* 7. Do you import diapers, if so, what kind and from where?

* 8. In the past five years, how would you characterize the cloth diaper portion of your business?

* 9. How would you characterize how you feel about your business today?

* 10. What are the top three resources you need to grow your business?

* 11. Have you participated in Buy-Local or other Community Building opportunities in the last five years? If so, when and do you think it had a positive impact on your business?

* 12. How do you communicate for your business?

  From RDIA, I prefer this Use daily Use weekly Use monthly Use sometimes Have it but ignore it Don't use it at all Not familiar with it
Facebook groups
Facebook posts
Facebook chat

* 13. What are your three biggest business challenges?

* 14. Please provide your email address/contact information so we can send you survey results.

* 15. How would you characterize the Cloth Diaper Industry as a whole?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. This will help inform our advocacy efforts and help us understand the current needs of cloth diaper business. Tell us how we can help you. Reach out anytime.