To Our Non-Management Colleagues,

We were elected by you to represent the many job titles held by members of the Non-Management Unit. As union members, we have secured the right to bargain over all major issues that affect our professional lives, including pay and benefits, policy and working conditions. Over the years, our dedicated bargaining teams have made huge strides in raising standards, providing key protections and establishing fair processes in regards to how decisions are made that affect us.

We will begin to bargain with the State in the fall of 2017. There is much work to be done leading up to bargaining, most important being the development of proposals that would further improve the lives of our members. In the effort to best represent your interests at the bargaining table, your bargaining team has developed this survey as a tool to collect ideas and priorities across our diverse NMU bargaining unit.

The deadline for this survey is December 30, 2016. We appreciate your time and input and look forward to working together to continue to make improvements in our workplaces.
Please contact us at should you have any questions.

This survey will be kept in confidence, shared only with the NMU bargaining team and VSEA staff.

In Solidarity,
Your NMU Bargaining Team