Transition Black Isle is working with The Highland Council, Community Energy Scotland and other Highland community groups to investigate the possibility of a new network of rapid charge points for electric vehicles in rural areas, complementing the charge points on trunk roads which are already planned. In order to help us assess the viability of this idea, we'd appreciate a few minutes of your time answering the following questions about plug-in electric vehicles.

* 1. Which of the following best describes your attitude to electric vehicles?

* 2. If there was a public network of rapid chargers, at convenient distances, allowing the vehicle to be recharged within 30- 45 minutes, would that alter your answer above?

* 3. If your answer to the last question was "yes" or "maybe", please give details.

* 4. Please rank the following barriers to buying an electrical vehicle according to their importance to you.

  1 - insignificant 2 - not very significant 3 - moderately significant 4 - important 5 - very important
Vehicle range between charges
Not enough public charge points
Public charge points can't be booked
Speed of charging
Vehicle cost
Lifetime cost, i.e. including running costs as well as vehicle cost
Limited choice of vehicle
Concern about battery life/ cost of replacement
No off-street parking at home, so overnight charging is difficult
Unproven technology

* 5. If you would be happy to be contacted again with follow-up questions on this subject, please leave contact details below.