April 29, 2018

We'd love to hear about your house! We need a bit of starter information on your home in order to ensure we have a good diversity of houses on the tour.
Do your best and don't worry if you can't answer everything completely.
We will let you know by early 2018 if your home is selected for inclusion.
We do have a few restrictions on the homes we will consider. We do not include homes that are:
  • for sale, whether or not they are occupied.
  • under construction/renovation at the start of October 2017.
  • short-term rentals, except in the City of Las Vegas and only those with a current business license and special use permit.
  • unoccupied.
Thank you!

* 1. Please provide us with your contact info: Name, Address, Phone Number and Email

* 2. Is the address above the address of the home you wish to show? If not, please fill in the show house address here

* 3. Do you currently live in this home? If not, please explain if and how the house is occupied (renter, vacant, vacation rental, etc.)

* 4. What year was the home built?

* 5. Which best describes your home?

* 6. Which style best describes this home?

* 7. What do you know about the social history of this home? (Architect/builder, previous owners, exciting happenings, community history, etc.)  Any info you can provide is helpful. If you are unsure, skip to the next question.

* 8. Tell us a little bit about the architecture of your home? (Prominent features, modern characteristics, bathroom and kitchen descriptions, any specific changes/renovations you have made.)  Any info you can provide is helpful. If you are unsure, skip to the next question.

* 9. Are there portions of your home that are unfinished and/or need to be closed off during the tour? (I.E. front yard landscaping not done, pets closed in bedroom, home office area, etc.)

* 10. The home tour is scheduled for Sunday, April 29, 2018. What is your level of commitment to this date at this time.