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Welcome, and thank you for your participation in the ACM SIGGRAPH "What Can We Do For You?" Survey!

Your input will have a direct impact on the services and programs ACM SIGGRAPH strives to provide to our technical, creative, and academic communities.

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Mk Haley: ACM SIGGRAPH Director for Communications

* 1. Are you an ACM SIGGRAPH member?

* 2. Are you an ACM Member?

* 3. Are you a member of an ACM SIGGRAPH Local Chapter?

* 4. Are you currently a member of any other professional organizations? Please indicate which.

* 5. What Goals of ACM SIGGRAPH are of most value to you? Choose all that apply

* 6. What Programs that ACM SIGGRAPH provides are, or may be, of most value to you? Choose all that apply

* 7. What Benefits does ACM SIGGRAPH Provide that are, or may be, of most value to you?

* 8. The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee supports a wide variety of quality programs. Please indicate which Education Committee programs you were previously aware of, have participated in, and their value.

  Aware of Participated in Find of Most Value Of Least Value
Curriculum Knowledge Base (CKB)
Development of College Curriculum Standards
Community Building
Computer Graphics Educational Materials (CGEMs)
Academic Index / Directory
Global Outreach & Collaboration
EuroGraphics Collaboration on CKB & CGEMs
Annual Education Committee Report
SPACE-Time Student Competition
Traveling SPACE-Time Show
Faculty Submitted Student Work
Grants to Educators
Pioneer Program Student Mentoring
Education Cmmte Booth at Conference

* 9. Currently ACM SIGGRAPH offers separate and distinct membership opportunities. As an ACM SIGGRAPH Member and / or an ACM SIGGRAPH Local Chapter Member. Would you prefer one membership that includes the benefits and programs of both? Or would you prefer these distinct categories of participation?

* 10. Should contributors to the Annual SIGGRAPH Conference be ACM SIGGRAPH Members?

* 11. If some of the annual SIGGRAPH Conference Programs were to require a submission fee for all contributors to offset the administrative costs of operating the programs, should this fee be waived for ACM SIGGRAPH Members?

* 12. In what ways would you like to see ACM SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Conference materials shared and communicated? Choose all that apply.

* 13. What benefits could ACM SIGGRAPH add or expand upon that would add value for you? Choose all that apply

* 14. In what ways would you like to provide feedback and suggestions to the organization?

* 15. What program, asset, or service do you think ACM SIGGRAPH has the biggest opportunties for growth in?

* 16. What do you consider is, or could be, the single most valuable service or asset ACM SIGGRAPH provides to our communities?

* 17. The SIGGRAPH Community is made up of a diverse array of talents. Please try to identify yourself within one, or more, of these categories.

* 18. ACM SIGGRAPH and the SIGGRAPH Conference are run by Volunteer members of our Community at large.

  Yes No
Were you aware that we are Volunteer run?
Would you like support SIGGRAPH as a Volunteer?
Are you able to participate in further, more in-depth surveys with us?

* 19. If you would like to enter our drawing for the free Full Conference Pass to SIGGRAPH 2007, please include your email adress. Your contact information will be used for this purpose only, and none other.

* 20. Thank you so much for your time and expertise. Your responses will help continue to develop programs of value for our entire community. If you have any final feedback or questions, please let us know.