1. My Company's Ethical Sourcing Program

* 1. What does Ethical Sourcing mean to you?

* 2. What is your company currently doing with regards to an Ethical Sourcing program (AKA - social compliance program, CSR program, labor auditing program, global compliance program, etc.):

* 3. What direction would you like to take your Ethical Sourcing Program?

* 4. Re: Ethical Sourcing, what would you like to learn more about, and focus on, in 2010?

* 5. Please list the top 3 core values that govern your company's decision-making process (list in order of importance, for example, "Before making any corporate decision, we consider the positive impact it will have on: 1. People, 2. Planet, and 3. Profit):

* 6. How does your company select new Suppliers, or choose which ones to keep or terminate? Please rank in order of importance.

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important Crucial
Adherence to international and local labor laws
Implmentation of green business practices (for example, recycling program, waste water treatment method, noise emission, air emission, etc.)