I am gauging interest in running a Mobile / Embedded Developer user's group for the Central Virginia development community.

When people think of mobile applications, they immediately think phone based native applications on fairly tiny screens, however with the proliferation of tablets with larger displays and netbooks pulling apps from the cloud, the mobile scenarios are often more complicated. There is also the demand for enterprise applications to work in more of a consumer model on laptops that will need to share concerns such as data transfer over slower networks, encryption and transactional data processing.

Arduino, Netduino, Gadgeteer and other programmable controller frameworks are gaining in popularity. If you've ever picked up a copy of MAKE magazine, been to Kickstarter.Org or have attended any of the major development conferences or Maker Faires in the past few years, you've seen much of this technology and maybe even attended a session or two. Hardware hacking is all the rage for anything from controller the pitch of the blinds in your house to control the heat, wiring up an old RC car with a webcam to be a security sentry, to equipping a pack of quadcopters to do aerial maneuvers in sync with each other.

If you're interested in attending to learn, socialize, or start a conversation about content that you are interested in or give a presentation about a project you are working on, we would be glad to have you!

* 1. Are you interested in a mobile development users group meeting somewhere in Richmond, VA?

* 2. Are you interested in a embedded development users group meeting somewhere in Richmond, VA?

* 3. Would you prefer to hold the mobile and embedded group meetings together, or separately?

* 4. How often would you like to go to each group?

* 5. Which night of the week works better for you to attend meetings?

* 6. Please contact me about the meetings above that I am interested in. Enter email address below (I will not do anything to your email address such as sell, share, put on a flying banner above Short Pump, etc. that is not directly associated with notifying you of content regarding these user groups).

* 7. Please let me know of any other comments or ideas you may have for this group!