The Municipal Energy Symposium is an opportunity for municipalities to showcase innovation and initiative in addressing these issues and how they have been applied to daily operations.

Presentations will be key to supporting municipal colleagues as they look for practical solutions to address some of the most pressing issues of our time. Presentations should be delivered by municipal representatives, partner organizations and/or associations. Sales promotions will not be considered.

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* 1. Type of Submission

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* 2. Main contact for submission:

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* 3. Presentation Format:

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* 4. Proposal Title:

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* 5. Proposal Description: Provide a description (250 words) of the proposed session that includes:

·         Precipitating factor – what made you undertake this initiative, what wasn’t working, were there any main events, etc.

·         Developing the initiative – who did you include, how, what buy-in was needed, was their push back or obstacles, getting council/others onboard?

Objectives – what will your initiative achieve, avoid, help, improve/change daily operations, budget etc?

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* 6. Presenters:

Provide the name/title/organization/contact info of all presenters (up to 3 speakers are suggested for panel presentations).

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