If you are an adult that lives or works in Placer County, we encourage you to fill out this short survey. No matter your individual background and experiences, your feedback is extremely important. The survey will help measure community drug and alcohol education efforts and where to focus future work.

* 1. If a friend or family member had an alcohol or drug problem, where would you look for

* 2. Human brain development finishes by:

* 3. Check the one response in each row that best describes your opinion

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
It’s OK for teenagers to drink in moderation
Teenagers are going to drink and there is nothing I can do about it.
It’s OK to allow teenagers to drink alcohol on special occasions (other than religious)
It’s OK to allow teenagers to drink at home
I think underage drinking is a problem
It is a waste of time for parents to talk with teens about underage drinking because they won’t listen anyway.

* 4. Thinking of your current social group or circle of friends, how aware would you say they are of the following...

  Not at all Very little Somewhat Very
The average age youth start drinking is 13.
Trying prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines (non-medical use) is basically as common as trying marijuana.
Lifetime risk of addiction greatly increases with early alcohol or substance use.
Alcohol use during adolescence can seriously harm brain development.
Alcohol and prescription drugs can be accessed through the internet

* 5. Do you know of any legal consequences parents, guardians, and other adults could face if caught with providing alcohol to minors?

* 6. In your town, how often do you feel an adult would be cited and prosecuted by law enforcement if found providing alcohol for an underage party?

* 7. As a parent or friend, where can you find guidance on how to prevent substance abuse?

* 8. If you were to talk with your child or any young person about methamphetamine, would you feel

  Very Somewhat Not at all
effective (could make an impact)

* 9. Do you have children (under 19) living at home?