About this REPORT

Who should submit this REPORT?
  • Leaders/Facilitators of Local/Regional Listening Sessions;

Purpose: Each Listening Assembly organizer is asked to submit this brief online report shortly after completeing the Listening session(s). Your responses will enable ACC to collate a collective “wish list” for IMWAC (the International Movement We are Church) as the latter prepares an international gathering in Rome in the fall of 2015. Data from the reports will also be helpful to ACC in efforts to publicize other listening assemblies as well as to follow up with local communities where actions are taking place.

  • This survey does NOT ask for your personal opinion. Rather, you are asked to objectively document what you heard from OTHERS at the listening session;

  • Try to submit this report as soon as possible, while your memory is clear about what transpired in your listening session. The open-ended response boxes are unlimited and will expand as you type, so write as much as you feel necessary to capture what you are addressing; You may wish to draft your responses on a WORD DOCUMENT and then "cut and paste" into the appropriate textbox;

  • So long as you come back to the survey on the same computer you began with and have "cookies" enabled on your computer browser, you can complete the report in multiple sessions. .

    Thank you for your participation! If you have technical questions, please email jwfrank.acc@gmail.com

* Your Name and Contact Info

* Basic Information about your Assembly/Listening Session

* Please list names and email addresses of all participants. We need this information to followup with participants. This information will not be shared with third parties. Enter as string of names and email addresses. Enter the name first followed by comma, then the email address, followed by a semicolon. Then repeat for each participant. For instance: James Patterson, jamespaterson@gmail.com; Barbara Matthews, barbmatthews@aol.com; Larry Smothers, lsmothers@comcast.net; etc. Best to do prepare this on a word document and then copy and paste into the textbox below. The textbox will expand beyond the visible space to accommodate larger lists.

* Overall, how would you describe the outcome of your listening session(s)? Please comment about the experience in 100 words or less in the space provided. Textbox will expand to accommodate your response as you type directly or cut and paste it into the text box.

* In the spaces below, please briefly describe Five (5) issues that your group identified as having the highest priority for discussion at Vatican Council III. Please describe each issue in 50 words or less.

* FINAL CATCH-ALL: What other issues arose in your group that you would like to communicate?