Occupy General Assembly Research: Fill out the Survey and send it to other Occupy Participants...This is what democracy looks like!

The Project:
We are conducting a national Occupy General Assembly (GA) research project and we need your help to learn about GAs!

The purpose of the research is to gather information about the practices and developments of Occupy General Assembly's across the country since September 2011. The goal is to learn how GAs have been used within the Occupy movement; to learn why some GAs continued and others discontinued; to learn what procedures and facilitation techniques worked and did not work; to learn what the demographics of Occupy GAs has been and how marginalized communities have been represented; and to compare the GA methods of different Occupies around the country.

Interviews and surveys with participants in Occupy GAs across the country will be used to gather information about the developments of GAs. Surveys will be used to gather information from a large pool of respondents from each Occupy. A smaller number of interviews will ask for more in depth explanations and stories about the processes and development of each GA.

The results will be published on innteroccupy, occupy websites, and other outlets.

This survey is 64 questions and generally takes 15-30min to fill out. We appreciate your time and effort!

Our email is garesearch1 at gmail.com

* 1. What Occupy will you be referring to in this survey?

* 2. How long have you been participating in this Occupy?

* 3. Have you also been a regular participant in any other Occupies?

* 4. How long have you been participating in this Occupy's GA?