* 1. Name the most dramatic Shakespeare character: 

* 2. If you were a witch, what's something you'd put in your potions? 

* 3. If you were in a Shakespeare play, what's something you'd fight to the death for? 

* 4. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Willian Shakespeare's name? 

* 5. What is the most dysfunctional family in Shakespeare plays?

* 6. Name something Shakespeare plays have a lot of: 

* 7. If you were a character in one of Shakespeare's plays, how would you want to die? 

* 8. What's something you'd expect to find in Shakespeare's home office? 

* 9. Name a word you'd expect to hear in one of Shakespeare's plays: 

* 10. If William Shakespeare was alive today, what/who would he write about? 

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