The Great Lakes Entrepreneurship Center is committed to helping individuals understand generally known traits attributed to Entrepreneurs. In creating the following survey we have edited and shortened much longer versions of such tools. This assessment enables you to validate your leadership propensity, or your organization's propensity to think and act in an entrepreneurial way. Please let us hear from you if we can assist with organizational planning and performance goals which will further advance your entrepreneurial initiatives. Estimated time: 15 minutes.

* 1. I am tenacious and intense when pursuing potential opportunities.

* 2. I am passionate in my pursuit of my dreams and goals.

* 3. I am a self-starter and hold extremely high performance and achievement standards without being a perfectionist that has trouble completing a task.

* 4. I am a team builder that inspires and motivates others.

* 5. I demonstrate consideration for others and am able to attract and retain top talent.

* 6. I demonstrate high levels of integrity when taking action and making decisions.

* 7. I am genuinely obsessed with launching and building a new venture, pursuing a new opportunity, and/or commercializing a new technology.

* 8. I am highly market-driven (e.g., focused on customer and technology trends, competition, etc.)

* 9. I am able to quickly and accurately identify and manage risks.

* 10. I am comfortable with, and tolerant of, ambiguity and uncertainty.

* 11. While I am detail-oriented, I am able to keep from getting bogged down.

* 12. I am able to see the big picture, while managing the details.

* 13. I am able to think out-of-the-box, creatively and unconventionally.

* 14. I am restless with the status quo and driven to make change.

* 15. I am able to quickly learn from mistakes and abandon a course of action that will not help I reach my goal.

* 16. I am quick to organize and structure complex projects and problems.

* 17. I readily adapt to new situations and am able to motivate others to adapt and change.

* 18. Significant others and family members share my commitment to pursuing an opportunity and are willing to make personal sacrifices to enable me to pursue it.

* 19. I am highly goal- and results-oriented.

* 20. I am aware of my key strengths and weaknesses and am quick to seek out others that complement my capabilities.

* 21. When faced with someone who threatens to stand in the way of achieving my goals, I am likely to begin by attempting to reach a collaborative agreement.

Average score of 4-5 -- Strongly inclined to think and lead in an entrepreneurial manner. Generally characterised as visionary, pioneer, aggressive, out of the box, successful, committed, high expectations of others.
Average score of 3-4 -- Entrepreneurial in thinking and planning -- less aggressive about execution strategies.
Average score of 2-3 -- A leadership style that is more conventional, "we've always done it this way".