Lanark County Engaging Youth Volunteers Questionnaire

As a group of Lanark County organizations who work closely with our youth, we are assessing the needs of our community to engage youth in meaningful volunteer opportunities that will foster a sense of connection and good citizenship while encouraging them to become life-long volunteers. We would greatly appreciate your help in completing this very brief questionnaire. We really need responses by Wednesday, August 16th at the very latest. Please share this survey with any other Lanark County organizations you know who engage volunteers in the work they do. Thank you so much.

* 1. Do you currently engage youth (12-18 years old) as volunteers?

* 2. If Yes, how many youth volunteers did you engage in the past year?

* 3. If no, please describe why you don't engage with youth volunteers

* 4. How do you currently find volunteers to match your needs? (please check all that apply)

* 5. If there was 1 central web portal specific to Lanark County, to post your volunteer opportunities and search profiles of local volunteers looking for a volunteer opportunity, would you find that helpful to your organization?

* 6. How likely would your organization be to take free training on how to engage with volunteers in meaningful ways to increase volunteer satisfaction and participation rates?

* 7. Youth volunteers have very different motivations and expectations for meaningful volunteering
  • to acquire skills and experiences related to their future career interests
  • to add to their current resume
  • to try interesting new experiences
  • to have fun
  • to feel good about helping others
  • to discover more about what their gifts and talents may be
How willing would your organization be to work with a local Youth Volunteer Director (no cost involved) to help shape some of your volunteer experiences and postings around youth motivations and needs?

* 8. Please give us some information in terms of your current recruiting, engaging and retaining volunteers:

* 9. Please tell us what would help you provide more volunteer opportunities for local youth?

* 10. Is there anything else you think we should know in terms of youth volunteering?