Anoka County businesses and organizations, your voice matters!
Anoka County is currently revising the Solid Waste Master Plan to guide proper waste management for the next 20 years. It will include strategies to divert waste from the landfill and comply with the state 75% recycling law by 2030. As businesses and organizations, we produce waste every day, which means you have a stake in managing our resources properly. The Master Plan will effect everyone,please provide your feedback so they may be taken under advisement in the development of strategies to manage waste and recycling over the coming years. In 2016 Anoka County recycled 51% of its waste, help us plan to reach the 75% goal by providing your input in the survey.

During the planning process, Anoka County residents, businesses, cities and townships, waste haulers and processors, and others will provide input to help shape strategies for the Master Plan.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

* 1. Reducing waste is the starting point for any solid waste management effort. The state has offered various tactics to help organizations reduce waste. How willing would your organization be to implement the following?

  Very willing    Somewhat Willing Not willing Not applicable
Change purchasing practices to reduce waste
Create internal reuse programs within operations
Participate in a materials exchange program to donate, share, sell, or buy used equipment, furniture, or other materials
Implement food waste reduction procedures (buy only what you need, donate excess edible food, etc.)

* 2. What else would help your organization reduce waste and increase recycling?

* 3. Does your business or organization recycle? (examples include, cardboard, beverage containers, office paper, shrink film, organics, etc.)

* 4. If no, why not?

* 5. What materials do you currently recycle at your business and how are they collected? Check all that apply.

  Recycling Hauler Special Hauler Self Haul Not Applicable
Aluminum/tin cans
Plastic bottles
Paper - office paper, newspaper, mail, magazines
Shredded confidential paper
Corrugated cardboard
Glass bottles and jars
Scrap metal
Wooden pallets
Fluorescent bulbs
Food waste/organics
Cooking Oil
Shrink wrap/stretch film
Construction and demolition materials

* 6. To meet state recycling requirements over the next few years, recycling education and technical assistance will be emphasized in Anoka County. How useful would the following be to help your organization recycle more?

  Very Helpful Somewhat Helpful Not Helpful Not Applicable
Free onsite assistance and training
Single sort recycling
Free recycling containers for your facility
Other free equipment to help improve recycling
Free education materials with information on what and where to recycle (e.g, recycling guide, signs, magnets, etc.)

* 7. How likely is your business to participate in a food waste recovery program (food waste and non-recyclable paper recovery or food to animals) if it is offered as an additional service by a hauler?

* 10. If your location is in the food service industry, do you also offer catering?

* 11. If your location is in the food service industry; is it a locally owned or is it part of national chain?

* 13. If you would like to receive technical assistance and be eligible for grant funding to improve your businesses or organizations recycling, please put your contact information below so Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Waste Wise Consultants can contact you to help. 

*Please note, schools receive technical assistance from Anoka County staff, businesses receive technical assistance from Minnesota Waste Wise.

100% of survey complete.