We care about you and your opinion. Please take a few moments to fill out the following questionnaire. We appreciate your feedback to help us continue to provide the best possible service to the community.

Bluffton Township Fire District Mission Statement: The primary mission of the Bluffton Township Fire District is to plan, evaluate and implement a range of programs designed to protect lives and property of the inhabitants and visitors of the Bluffton Township Fire District from the adverse effects of fires, life threatening medical emergencies or dangerous conditions created by either man or nature. At Bluffton Township Fire District, we are committed to providing fire protection and rescue for our District in a courteous, cost-effective and professional manner.

* 1. Please tell us the date on which service from the Bluffton Township Fire District (BTFD) was received.

Date of Incident

* 2. The call was in reference to which of the following:

* 3. The nature of the emergency call was:

* 4. Who responded to your call?

* 5. The incident being referred to involved:

* 6. Your call for service was handled by the 911 call center in an appropriate manner.

* 7. BTFD response time was appropriate.

* 8. BTFD personnel acted in a professional manner.

* 9. All of my needs relating to the emergency were fully handled by the BTFD.

* 10. Medical treatment provided by BTFD personnel was explained in an understandable way by the BTFD.

* 11. Questions were answered clearly and completely once the emergency situation was addressed.

* 12. Procedures were clearly explained by BTFD personnel.

* 13. What was the single most important action we took to make you feel more at ease?

* 14. What additional services would you like to see BTFD provide?

* 15. Was there a particular staff member that was especially helpful? We'd like to show our appreciation to them.

* 16. Any additional comments.

* 17. Would you like to be contacted for further follow up or to speak more in-depth about your incident? If so, please provide your contact information below.