* 1. Would you like to learn how to lose fat and keep it off forever (without dieting)?

* 2. If you answered yes, why?

THOUGHT STARTERS: How would learning to lose fat help you? How much do you need to lose? Will it help you with your relationships? Will it help you with your career? 

If you answered no, why?

THOUGHT STARTERS: Do you feel like you already know how to lose fat? Do you have doubts about not being successful? Do you find that fat loss is too overwhelming? 

* 3. Which one of these describes you best?

* 4. I'm getting ready to create more content for Life is NOYOKE. Some of the new content will be about losing fat. What would you like to learn about and why?


"Right now, I've got this problem [insert problem]. I'd like to see you create a tutorial on [insert topic] because I believe it will help me [insert the benefit to you])

* 5. What types of fat loss tactics have you tried that FAILED you? Maybe they weren't right for you. Maybe you didn't follow-through. Whatever the case, please describe it in detail. 

(Example 1:

"I tried joining Weight Watchers and despite doing the points system, I didn't lose much weight. Maybe it was too much effort? Maybe there wasn't enough support? Maybe my goals weren't clearly defined? Maybe it's that I have no willpower at the office where there's always unhealthy snacks. I think it was just a bad time in my life."

Example 2: 

"I bought a DVD and did it for a few weeks. I was just too sore and couldn't make the time. So busy at work."

Example 3:

"I've read books on a fad diet or two (or ten!) and can't seem to stick with it. I think it's because I don't know how to change my habits."

Most important: Be specific. In return, you'll get content that actually helps you. :)

* 6. Who are you?

* 7. If I have additional questions, may I follow up?