* 1. Please fill in your details

* 2. Is Princess Vlei important to you or your family as a place to visit, and how often do you visit it?

* 3. If so, what do you most value about Princess Vlei (for example: the plant and animal life, the view, the peacefulness, family memories etc)

* 4. What activities do you enjoy doing at Princess Vlei (eg. walking, braaing, picnics, fishing etc)

* 5. How long have you or your family been coming to Princess Vlei for these activities?

* 6. What improvements at Princess Vlei might make your experience there better?

* 7. Rate each one of these ideas for possible features of the nature and heritage park in terms of how important each one is for you.

  Not important Quite important Important Very important
Information centre for fynbos restoration and plant nursery
Facilities for Baptism groups
Jetty for Sailing and canoeing
Farmers and local produce markets
Adventure park for children
Environmental Education Centre
Khoisan museum
Community Centre
Café/place to get food and drink
Open–air sunset concert park
Braai and picnic areas
7 km walkway around the Vlei
Bird hides
Fynbos gardens
Information boards about the animals and plants

* 8. How often would you visit Princess Vlei if some or all of these features/ amenities were added?

* 9. What other improvements, features, amenities or activities would you like to see at Princess Vlei?