1. Community Activites - Action Plan

50% of survey complete.

The information provided via this questionnaire will be used to inform the contents of the community led action plan for the Brechfa Forest and Llanllwni mountain area.

Please describe any post or current projects and activities aimed to safeguard the character, feel and prosperity of the communities in this area.

We are volunteers gathering this information, including details on the costs and sources of funding to create a 5 year action plan for the area.

The action plan will be a 5 year plan to be maintained and taken forward by the communities, but its existance may help access external assistance.

* 1. Which community are you a member of?

* 2. Please describe any projects which are already in place or are planned for the community to take over running shops or pubs where threatened by closure. Please supply information on costs and sources of funding.

* 3. Please describe any volunteering schemes for maintenance of publicly owned assets, for example litter picking in parks, or maintenance of village halls.

* 4. Please describe any projects to provide community IT and broadband services in any community in this area without mainstream provision.

* 5. Please describe any projects to develop uses for redundant buildings / heritage structures within the community. Please include information on the costs and sources of funding.

* 6. What provision exists or is planned for community transport schemes and 'days out' for those becoming isolated in our rural communities.

* 7. What formal or informal community car share schemes exist or are planned. How do they work?

* 8. Please describe any after school and holiday clubs or day care or nursery facilities which exist or are planned in your community. How are they funded and where are they held?

* 9. Please describe any creation or improvements to green spaces such as local parks, recreation facilities and local habitats in your area. What has happened or is planned and the costs and sources of funding?

* 10. Are there any projects happening or planned to improve the energy efficiency of local homes in your community? What form do these projects take and what sources of funding support them?

* 11. What community led or private projects to generate electricity from renewables exist or are planned for your community. Please provide details including costs and sources of funding.

* 12. What projects exist or are planned to install on community owned buildings PV panels or biomass heating systems. Please include information on the cost and sources of funding.

* 13. Please supply your name and email address and any details for other ways of contacting you if you prefer.

This information will only be used to contact you if we need any clarification on any point you raise.