Dreaming of a Perfect Life

If you could have the life you dream of, how would it look?
The short survey here may help you to dream a little.

* 1. What would you change in your life today that would make it great?

* 2. How much Stress do you feel on any given day?

  Very little An average amount More than most people I know I'm stressed to the max!
In your work
At home
Other [see box]

* 3. How ready are you to make a change in any of these areas?

  Does Not Apply Not Ready Thinking About It I'm Ready NOW!
Body Image
Stress Level
Time Freedom
Financial Freedom

* 4. Thinking about your previous responses, if I could help you with one area of your life through coaching and energy work, where would you start? Do you think that one change would make a big difference in your life?