MLA Alternative Pasture Legumes Project in NSW Central West

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

The following questions are used to determine your level of understanding of alternative pasture legumes in NSW CW. The knowledge and skills audit is used at the start and completion of the program to allow individuals to track their skill development and adoption of new practices. It will also be used:

1.To improve the content of future project meetings; and
2. As part of the evaluation process for the project
The information will be completely confidential, and individuals will not be identified in the analysis of data.

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* 5. I have read, understood and accept the terms of MLA's "PDS participant Consent & Release" (See below)

Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) Participant Consent & Release 

As a host of a demonstration site for MLA’s Producer Demonstration Sites (PDS) program, from time to time certain information about you may be included in reports, case studies, factsheets, images, videos, articles and other material developed during the course of the PDS program. This information may include your name, property name and location (as the identifier each of demonstration site), photographs of you engaged in demonstration activities and quotes provided by the project facilitator (Materials). Please note that full property addresses and contact numbers of site hosts will not be published. 

 As you would be aware, many producers learn by hearing from or observing their peers. Therefore, components of PDS program outputs which include the Materials may be made publicly available (e.g. shared via social media, rural press, print media, and website views) to demonstrate to a broad audience the value, implementation and benefits of particular management practices, technologies or tools.

 MLA requires each demonstration site host to consent to MLA publishing the Materials in various platforms, including:
·       on the MLA website
·       shared via media channels
·       newspaper advertisements 
·       promotional material for the MLA PDS program

The terms of the consent required by MLA to enable your participation in the PDS program are as follows:
1. As a producer demonstration site host, you consent to MLA:
(a)       using the Materials at events associated with the above mentioned PDS Program;
(b)      using, reproducing, publishing and otherwise communicating, exhibiting or distributing the Materials (in full or in part) in all formats and all media now known or later devised throughout the world; and
(c)       adapting and editing the Materials at its sole discretion.

 2. You also understand and agree that:
(a)       you are not entitled to any remuneration for the exploitation of the rights described in item 1 above;
(b)      you will not have any interest in the Materials or in the copyright or any other rights in the Materials; and
(c)       MLA may use your likeness and the Materials to promote its activities and programs.

 3. You release MLA from any claim by you or anyone on your behalf arising out of use of the Materials and/or your appearance in promotional campaigns in which the Materials are used.

4. You understand and agree that any information, including personal information, provided by you when participating in a PDS project will be collected by your PDS project facilitator and provided to MLA. You consent to MLA collecting, using and handling your information for the purpose of the PDS program, any purposes set out above and as otherwise specified in MLA’s privacy policy located at You can request access to, correction and deletion of your personal information by contacting MLA using the contact details on its website.

Please indicate your acceptance of the above by completing the relevant sections and returning a copy to your PDS project facilitator.

If you have any queries, regarding this consent, please contact your PDS project facilitator.  Alternatively, you can contact MLA’s project manager of the PDS Program Alana McEwan by calling 0417 541 000 or emailing at