* 1. Is composting something you would be interested in having in your dorm? *Compost pails would be airtight and safe for use in residence halls* 

* 2. If yes, would you be more likely to utilize a communal compost pail that would be emptied by a resident of your dorm, or a private compost receptacle for your room that you could bring to the dining halls to empty?

* 3. Do you feel that you have adequate information about the parking regulations and procedures on campus? 

* 4. If you have problems with Colby internet access, do you know who to contact to file your complaint? 

* 5. If SGA provided subsidized movie tickets to Flagship Cinemas that could be purchased for $5.50 at the Info Desk in Pulver, would you buy them?

* 6. If yes, how often would you use them?

* 7. Last year, SGA started a collection of popular DVDs in Miller Library. The Colby Libraries are looking to expand their collection! Please recommend up to three movies you would like to see made available for rental from the library.