Thank you for assisting in our accreditation efforts by completing the following series of questions about your experience in the journalism and communications program at Elon University.

* 2. Your Major or Concentration:

* 3. How much would you say our program contributed to your development in the following areas?

  Very much Quite a bit Some Very little
Valuing truth, accuracy and fairness
Appreciating free speech and press
Applying ethical ways of thinking
Knowing the history and roles of the media
Communicating to diverse audiences
Writing clearly and accurately
Speaking clearly and confidently
Using technology
Applying theories in presenting images and information
Conducting research and evaluating information
Using numbers and statistics
Being creative
Thinking analytically

* 4. Did you participate in student media or school organizations while at Elon? (check all that apply)

The Pendulum
Elon Student Television (ESTV)
Phi Psi Cli yearbook
Colonnades literary magazine
Live Oak Communications agency

* 5. Did you have a professional internship in a communications work environment before you graduated?

* 6. If you had an internship (one or more), how valuable was this experience to you?

* 7. Current Employment Situation

* 8. Some skills on the job are probably more important than others. How would you apportion the importance of the following skill set in your current work in a way that totals 100%?

* 9. List any degrees or certificates you have earned (or for which you are enrolled) since graduating from Elon. (please include institution, degree, academic area, year started, year completed or "in progress")

* 10. If you have done graduate work, how adequately did your undergraduate major prepare you for graduate study?

* 11. What do you see among the following list as the most significant strengths of the journalism and communications program at Elon? (check all that apply)

* 12. What would you suggest for strengthening the degree for future students?

* 13. The School of Communications now has a dedicated staff member to work with students on career opportunities. We are hoping that some of you would be willing to provide support in this area. Please indicate the areas you might be willing to provide assistance. (check all that apply)

Provide career advice to currently enrolled students
Participate in an Elon School of Communications alumni networking and job opportunities email listserv
Be a reference for Elon University to high school students in your area interested in applying to Elon
Provide information to Elon about career opportunities and internships with your company

* 14. Please feel free to include additional comments about our School of Communications:

* 15. We would like to update your contact information for our records. If you are willing, please provide your name, current workplace information, mailing address and phone number below.

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