* 1. Which answer best describes your current relationship to yoga?

* 2. What stops you from taking a yoga teacher training?

* 3. Choose the areas that interest you

  Not interested at all Unsure- what is this? Mildly interested- I won't know until I've tried it I can see this could benefit me Yes! Sign me up!
Foundation Yoga (required for 200/500hr YTT)
Transition Yoga (required for 500hr YTT)
30hr Certification Restorative (required for 200/500hr YTT)
Dianne Bondy's Yoga For All or Jivana Heyman's Accessible Yoga (required for 200/500hr YTT)
Carol Horton's Trauma Informed Yoga and Social Justice (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
Kathryn Bruni-Young: Mindful Strength (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Mudra, Mantra  (required for 200/500hr YTT)
Diane Bruni's Movement Research Intensive (required for 200/500hr YTT)
Mettaversity's Online Course Intensive (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
Ayurveda  (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
30 hr Certification Flow  (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
30 hr Certification Yin  (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
Jason Crandell's Yoga Anatomy  (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
Advanced Philosophy  (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
Advanced Asana  (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
Social Seva: Accessibility, Diversity, Sustainability  (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
Matthew Remski's Ayurveda  (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
Jules Mitchell's Biomechanics  (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
Unique pose & posture analysis (included in 500hr YTT) 
In depth Business of Yoga (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)
Extensive mentor support (required for 500hr/2000hr YTT)

* 4. Amara Vidya Yoga is more than a techer training school. We offer programs for everyone, and support new students as well as existing teachers looking for ongoing learning. We have specific tools for teacher training that all students can benefit from: the HAND method ©, Foundation Theory ©, CTPA style breakdown ©, Lens kit © and the 9 stone path ©. These techniques are unique to how Amara Vidya Yoga teachers apply any style, to anyone, at any stage.
Tell us what attracts you to being able to apply any technique to your practice and why you would want to teach to anyone from any walk of life.

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* 6. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?