* 1. Your Basic Information:

* 2. How do you currently make your main income?

* 3. What are the one or two areas that you would like to improve on?

* 4. What would you consider to be a great outcome if I was to work with you? (e.g., "Being able to take an extra 3 months vacation per year," "Adding an extra $25,000 per my month to my income," etc.)

* 5. If you were confident I could get you these results, what sort of marketing budget could you allocate per month for the next 3-6 months?

* 6. How many people do you currently have on your mailing list?

* 7. Steve, if I choose to work with you and I am selected, I can find a way to invest in my future with NO DRAMA, no delay, no 'stories', no 'my dog ate my homework', no 'I gotta ask my wife/husband/partner/dog/therapist' - just a QUICK ENROLLMENT and we can get going.