Welcome to Our Survey

Dear PIARC Colleague,

The World Road Association (PIARC) Technical Committee 1.1 (Performance of Transport Administrations) is undertaking a research programme into the Role of Transport Agencies in Responding to and Shaping New Transport Technologies and Service Models.

The aim of the programme is to review the development of future transport and mobility concepts such as Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, digital highways, micromobility, Aerial Autonomous Vehicles, Mobility as a Service, and new transit systems,  their potential impact on the transport sector and how road and transport organisations are responding or plan to respond. This is a rapidly moving area in terms of technological and service-concept development, testing and early adoption, but also highly-uncertain in terms of public policy, regulatory approaches and required decision making and organisational development. The programme aims to make practical recommendations which will assist future governance arrangements in this area.

On behalf of TC 1.1 Working Group 2 which is leading the programme, we kindly request your cooperation in completing this questionnaire survey as a key input to the work being undertaken. By doing so, you will make a major contribution to the evidence base, analysis under the research and final recommendations.

We would ask you to complete this questionnaire from the perspective of your entire organisation. It should be completed by the person in your organisation most knowledgeable and qualified to respond to the subject matter. For your convenience, the 35 questions have been split by 6 sections as follows:

• Section 1 – Organisational Information
• Section 2 – Development of New Transport Technologies and Service Models
• Section 3 – Organisational Responses to New Transport Technologies and Service Models
• Section 4 - Stakeholder Relations in Progressing New Transport Technologies and Service Models
• Section 5 – Support Needed to Organisations
• Section 6 – Request for Case Studies and Further Information

A full glossary of the transport technologies and service models covered by the survey is included after this introduction. We estimate the survey will take no more than 40 minutes to complete. Please note that this survey will be saved after every page and can therefore be filled in over more than one session before final submission as appropriate. Upon the completion of this survey, all participants who request it will be provided with a summary version of the final report.

At the current time, COVID-19 and the associated economic and social crisis continues to have a major impact on the transport sector, including likely short-term impacts on new transport technologies. We have included a specific question on this. However, we ask you to respond to the other questions from a medium-term perspective, reflecting pre-pandemic trends and how these may or not resume, in some way, once the crisis is resolved.

Please get in touch with us if you require further assistance in interpreting the questions. We hope most are self-explanatory, but this is a complex topic. For that reason, we have also left open response boxes where you can provide your views on the topic in your own words.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

For further information please contact:
• Siong-Hu Wong, Windels Marx, swong@windelsmarx.com, +1-917-583-5933 
• Jonathan Spear, Atkins Acuity, jonathan.spear@atkinsacuity.com, +971 52 140 3978
• Christos Xenophontos, Rhode Island DOT, christos.xenophontos@dot.ri.gov, , +1-401-563-4400