1. New London Orchestra - Audience Survey

We like to know your opinion of our events so that we can improve them and make them better suited to what you want. Thank you for your help.

* 1. Did you enjoy the concert?

  5 - Loved it 4 3 2 1 - Didn't like at all
Did you enjoy the concert?

* 2. What was your favourite piece in the concert? The pieces are listed in the order you heard them.

* 3. Please tell us about your opinion of the venue - The Stratford Rex

  Yes No No opinion
The venue was easy to find
The venue has good access
I would come to this venue again for a classical concert
The venue had good facilities
I found the Box Office easy to use
I would like to see more classical concerts in unusual venues such as this

* 4. How did you hear about the concert? Please tick all the places that you saw the concert advertised

* 5. How do you hear about other arts events that you attend?

* 6. How many other classical music events have you been to in the last 12 months in East London?

* 7. Would you like to see more classical music events like this in East London?

* 8. When are you most likely to go and see a concert in East London?

* 9. Which borough do you live in?

* 10. Would you like to be added to the New London Orchestra's emailing list? We will only contact you with information about our own events.