2. How many members of your household are in the following age categories?

4. Do you or members of your household currently use Cardel Place?

5. If YES to question 4, please indicate the services you use

6. If NO to question 4, please share the reason(s) why you and members of your household do not use our facility.

7. If you were going to renew or purchase a pass for Cardel Place, which pass would best suit your lifestyle needs?

8. What types of services, programs, and amenities would be of most interest to you and members of your family?

9. Based on the changing demographics in our community, what can Cardel Place provide in services and programs to meet the interests of children / youth eight years and older?

10. Would you and members of your household be interested in special and / or family events at Cardel Place?

12. If YES to any part of question 11, what type of drop-in opportunities would you like to see?

13. If available, would members of your household participate in before & after-school drop-in activities or programs for children / youth?

  No, we would not be interested Yes, before school (7:00am - 8:30am) Yes, after school (3:00pm - 6:00pm) Yes, either time period
Please specify

14. What types of services and amenities would enhance your experience at Cardel Place?

15. Cardel Place wants to become the “community hub” - a dynamic destination of choice that provides a wide range of opportunities to attract all kinds of individuals, families and communities.

What can Cardel Place do to achieve this?

16. Thank you for taking the time to give us your input and ideas.

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