Blizzards Snobalz Application (-:

Blizzards Snobalz Application

Please note: When Filling out application you will not get a timely call back unless we're in the process of hiring.
1.Are you at least 16 years old?(Required.)
2.Do you have a working cell phone?(Required.)
3.Do you have transportation to and from work?(Required.)
4.Are you able to lift 25 lbs?(Required.)
5.Do you anticipate any absences from work on a regular basis?(Required.)
6.Would you feel comfortable in a fast paced environment? (This is fast food)(Required.)
7.Have you been accused of stealing, forgery or identity theft?(Required.)
8.What does your weekly work availability look like?(Required.)
9.How many hours a week are you looking to receive?
10.How can we get in contact with you? (Enter name and number below)(Required.)