The Habitat X Advisory Committee is now accepting proposals for the 2018 Summer National Conference. We would like to review your ideas to determine how we could best fit them into our program. We will give preference to proposals that address issues of interest to our core constituency of energy management specialists from these industries:

-- Home Performance and HVAC Contractors
-- Architecture and Engineering Firms
-- Energy Efficiency Specialists
-- Gas and Electric Utilities
-- Government and Regulatory Agencies
-- Finance Organizations

Please submit your most succinct and compelling ideas below.

* 1. Please provide a description of your proposed topic. Compose it as if you are writing a note to a smart but uninformed colleague. (50-300 words)

* 2. What is the provisional title for your session? (10 words or less)

* 3. Why will this subject be of interest to professionals in the Habitat X network?

* 4. We may choose to adapt your proposal to fit any one of our presentation formats. Which of the following formats would you prefer? (you may choose more than one, and you may make an additional comment)

* 5. Would you like to include any co-presenters?If so, include their name(s) here.

* 6. Please tell us how to contact you. Thanks for your submission.