1. Candidates will be asked to submit a candidate statement.
  2. Candidates may not distribute any form of communication to committees, academies, or interest groups regarding information pertaining to the candidates credentials and/or reasons why the candidate believes he or she should be elected. This includes communications/posts via community.saem.org.
  3. SAEM will post candidate information in SAEM Weekly (e-newsletter) the week before elections open.
  4. Current SAEM Board of Directors and SAEM staff shall not campaign or give the appearance of campaigning for candidates running for SAEM elected positions.
  5. Academies, committees, and interest groups may not endorse any specific candidate.
  6. Friends and colleagues of candidates are encouraged to talk with prospective voters about their preferred candidate's capabilities and potential as an SAEM leader; however, candidates and their supporters are strongly discouraged from engaging in any coercive activities or speaking in what might be interpreted as negative ways about other candidates.
  7. Candidates may not engage in campaigning at any SAEM regional meeting.
  8. The emailing of messages other than those sent by SAEM is strongly discouraged, as many members may find this intrusive and annoying.
  9. The use of mailing lists from other societies is not permitted.

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