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We need volunteers for the summer!

Take a few moments to fill out our new volunteer survey. You will find multiple different areas to be
able to serve. Let us know if you have any questions concerning these positions. We want you to
serve at Pathway and we know that you will be blessed by it!! Please respond to as many of these
as you'd like, but a response is not required for any of the questions except your name & email address.

* 3. In what areas are you currently serving at Pathway?

* 4. In what areas would you consider serving at Pathway?

* 5. We're also needing help with our weekly visitor contacts. Our staff will continue to contact visitors to Pathway but we'd like to get you involved in that as well. Check below if you'd be willing to do any of the following:

Our biggest need right now is to get extra teachers for the Sunday morning rotations for PreK, K-1st, and 2nd-4th. We are on a 1 every 6 week rotation.  However, we need more teachers to keep the 1 every 6 week rotation going.  

Nursery: Each Sunday we have anywhere from 6 - 8 children in the nursery. We need a total of four
workers each week and have a couple of spots to fill to complete our six week rotation.

Pre-K: Our Pre-K class is an exciting one! We have several people that have been volunteering in this
area for years now, and find it very rewarding. We have both a teacher and a helper every week,
and are looking to add at least 4 more workers to this rotation. (To serve as the teacher in this class you
must be a member of Pathway or a church in our associated work. This does not apply to helpers.)

K-1st: . This class will meets during the entire service like the PreK class. We're needing teachers and helpers. (To serve as the teacher in this class you must be a member of Pathway or a church in our associated work. This does not apply to helpers.)

2nd-4th: We are looking for a few more teachers to help out in our 2nd-4th grade class. These kids are
excited to learn from God's word! What a great group to work with at such an impressionable age!
(To serve as the teacher in this class you must be a member of Pathway or a church in our associated

Audio / Visual: We need people who are willing to help with both our video program (ProPresenter) and
help run audio in our Sunday morning services. This is a fun area to serve and you can learn a lot in a short amount of time.

Welcome Team:  This team serves every Sunday starting at 9:30AM to welcome everyone to Pathway.  We believe that the first impression of our church is an important one.  This team  hands out Connection Cards, staff PathwayKIDS Check-In, help people find seats for Worship, and helps cover many more areas of the welcome experience at Pathway.    

Sunday Set-Up Team:  The Set-Up team makes sure that everything is ready for Worship and PathwayKIDS classes.  This team makes the coffee, puts together connection, sets out chairs, and does many other things to ensure everything is ready for Sundays.  

Building Maintenance Team:  This team for people who would like to help with things around our facilities.  It can be anything from fixing leaking faucets to trimming trees.  This team is brand new and is also in need of a team leader.  

Financial and Budgeting Team:  This team will work with the staff to develop budgets for our various ministries.  They will also deposit of weekly offerings and help with book keeping.  

PathwayKIDS Wednesday Nights: PathwayKIDS (3 years - 6th grade) meets every Wednesday night  at 6:15 during the school year. The kids are having a great time and are learning new things weekly. There are many areas to serve within this ministry, and we know one will fit you perfectly.

Thrive Lunch: Every Wednesday from 11am-1pm a lunch is served at Brad's House on campus for the students of the UofA. We would love for you to get involved in helping prepare and serve food to the
great students of our growing campus ministry.

* 6. Are there any areas that you would like to serve that Pathway doesn't currently provide? We want you to use the talents and desires God has given you. So let us know if there's something you'd like to see if we can help you do (ministry, service project, etc...).

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our volunteer survey. If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Flanagan at jeremy@pathwaybaptist.com or (479) 445-3132.