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Thank you for sharing your story with us

The European Disability Forum's (EDF) Human Rights Report for 2019 will explore the issue of poverty and social exclusion among persons with disabilities.

In order to show the human reality of the issues explored, EDF is collecting personal testimonies from around Europe. We are looking for people who have a lived experience of how disability can increase the risk of poverty. Although the questionnaire is in English, the testimonies can be written in your own language. 

With your permission, we will include your testimonies in our final publication, although we might have to shorten it in places. You will also be able to choose to hide your identity and appear using a different name if you prefer.

Finally, EDF will not retain the information you have sent us and will use it solely for the purpose of this publication.

Thank you very much for your assistance, and we look forward to reading your input! 

The European Disability Forum Secretariat
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