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* 1. Do you listen to talk radio?

* 2. How often do you listen to the Rush Limbaugh Show?

* 3. And how often do you listen to the Hannity radio show?

* 4. Do you support or oppose immigration reform that would grant illegal immigrants legal stats and a green card and then, after a wait of several years, they could apply for citizenship if they pay back taxes, pay a fine, learn English and have no criminal record?

* 5. Republican Senator Marco Rubio has introduced a bill that provides illegal immigrants the ability to stay here legally if they identify themselves to federal authorities and are fingerprinted. If they have no criminal record and have been in the US for several years, and if there is statistical proof that we are making progress on sealing our border with Mexico, then they could pay a fine and get legal residency. However, to become citizens they would need to wait on line behind others in their country of origin that have applied legally and wait their turn. Would you support or oppose this bill?