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* 2a) How many hours do you spend on these areas per day?

* 2b) How much of your playtime is spent online? (hours)

* 2c) How much of your playtime is spent in school? (hours)

* 2d) If you get to decide how you would like to spend 24h of your day on these areas (listed above), how many hours would you spend on each area?

* 2e) If any component is less than 10%, what is it due to?

* 3a) How would you define "play"?

* 3b) List one advantage and disadvantage you think “play” has had in your life.

* 3c) How much time do you spend on "play" (as you have defined) everyday? (hours)

* 3di) How much of this time is at school (does not include lessons)? (hours) (this question will be continued on the next part)