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* 3dii) (continued from previous part) If less than 3 hours, why? (You may choose more than 1 answer; please put a "yes" for any of the reasons you think you have and explain if you put "others".)

* 6. Imagine this scenario:

4 girls are playing catching and Isabelle is explaining the rules.

Isabelle: Well, 1 person will be the catching while……
Charmaine: Wait, that’s not challenging at all!
Pei Qi: Yeah, I agree.
Amanda: How about we have 2 catchers instead?
Charmaine: Sure! I rather have 3 for a bigger challenge though. :D

With this scenario in mind:

* 7. If we were to define “play” as ‘allowing one to explore without boundaries & consequences’:

* 8. If such opportunities are provided for you (in school), would you engage in more "play" activities? (Yes/No)

* 9. Do you think that we focus too much on results at the expense of "play"? Please elaborate on your reasons as much as possible. :D