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This year the two discussion topics at the forums are:
- Council Product Sales Moving Forward
- Increasing participation, and retention of girls in grades 6-8

Here are the four specific questions that will be discussed during the winter forums. We need feedback from delegates and alternate delegates on issues that are important to you.

Please tell us what you think.

* 1. If the Board of Directors decided to expand the fall Nut Sale to cover the entire Council and include QSP as part of that effort, what would the Board need to consider? What suggestions would you offer?

* 2. If the Board of Directors felt it was necessary to increase the cost of cookies to $4.00 per box, what suggestions would you make to help ensure success?

* 3. What activities or resources do we need in place to support the transition of girls from Juniors to Cadettes?

* 4. What examples of local success do we have that could be replicated?