COVID-19 ALERT:  Because we continue to experience COVID-19 related concerns, the operations of the upcoming Other Voices Class will be decided as we get closer to the first program day.  We will determine if program days should be held in person, via Zoom or a combination of the two.

The development of Other Voices began in 1990 with a group of Leadership Greensboro members, along with members of the Human Relations Commission, called together by the mayor of Greensboro to tackle some difficult issues facing our community.  After three years of challenging work, the group launched the Other Voices program in 1993.  The program sought to significantly improve human relations, especially race relations, in Greensboro.  To date, over 630 individuals have participated in Other Voices as a result of their commitment to the Other Voices vision and to its potential for our community.

The vision of Other Voices is a Greensboro and Guilford County that encourages full and productive participation by our diverse citizenry in building a leading community open to all.

Other Voices is a diversity leadership development and community-building experience in which participants – in frank and open dialogue – examine racism, sexism, ethnocentrism, antisemitism, homophobia, socio-economics and other forms of oppression.  Due to its pervasive and historical impact in our community, racism is a primary focus.  Participants develop skills and strategies to understand and help eradicate prejudice and discrimination on a personal, organizational and community level.

Other Voices is designed to build participant insight and understanding of the roots of prejudice; help participants determine how “oppressive-isms” affect their quality of life; share cross-cultural environments; evaluate personal biases that play out in behaviors; define and clearly state the issues; develop a vision for dealing with problems; and develop strategies for alleviating these problems individually, in small groups at the workplace, and in the community.
An orientation, a two-day Fall retreat, regular monthly day sessions, a two-day Winter retreat, a two-day Spring retreat, and a celebration event make up the schedule for Other Voices. Each session is planned by a program committee working with a professional facilitator.  Program goals are accomplished through a series of readings, interactive seminars, experiential assignments, creative dialogue among class members, and community resources.  Class teams may also develop one or more group projects which are aimed at addressing issues that improve human relations in Greensboro and Guilford County.

A diverse group of traditional and non-traditional leaders with the capacity to influence others and with an interest in enhancing their personal involvement in our community will be selected to participate in the program.  Class size will be approximately 25 participants.  An important tool of the learning process in the Other Voices program is the diversity of the class.

Other Voices requires a serious commitment of time.  The success of the program depends on the commitment of each participant to being present on each program day and to be on time.  Accordingly, recognition of the completion of the program will include a certificate.  New graduates (alumni) will be invited to attend graduate (alumni) activities.  Pre-session assignments and a possible community project will require additional time above and beyond the scheduled program days.  Those who are unable to make the entire commitment should not apply.

A participant may miss up to two days and still graduate.  However, attendance at the Fall Retreat, the Winter Retreat, and the Spring Retreat is mandatory.

Candidates may be nominated by their employers, by an organization in which they serve as volunteer leaders or they may nominate themselves. Applications must be submitted to the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date. 

The tuition for Other Voices is $1,200 for Chamber members and non-profit staff members and $1,500 for all other individuals.  It may be paid by the individual, an employer, agency, organizations or other sources.  You will be invoiced upon acceptance.  Payment is due prior to the beginning of the program year, which is the Orientation Program Day.
  • Type or print in blue or black ink.
  • Complete each section fully. Limit answers to space available. Please do not include additional pages.
  • Application must be signed by the applicant and the CEO/Senior Executive of the applicant’s organization.
  • One letter of recommendation should be attached to the application
A maximum of thirty individuals will be selected to participate in the program.  Since the number of participants to Other Voices is limited, applicants who are not selected are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years.

Participants will be chosen by the Other Voices Selection Committee based on the information provided in the application.  The committee will be seeking men and women from Guilford County:
  • Who represent a cross-section of the community including business, the professions, education, government, arts, clergy, service and community organizations, neighborhoods and various racial, cultural, socio-economic, age and gender groups
  • Who have demonstrated a sincere commitment, motivation and interest in improving human relations in the Greensboro community
  • Who has a genuine concern for the future of the Greater Greensboro area and a desire to be personally involved in shaping it
  • Who have the interest and potential for building a leading community open to all.
  • Who have the time to complete the Other Voices initiative and have the full support of the corporation or organization represented
  • Who have the intention, upon completion of the initiative, to seek leadership opportunities in the community
**NOTE: Please review and download the Commitment Statement, Attendance Policy and Other Voices Program Calendar.

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* 2. # Years of Residence in Greensboro/Guilford County

We believe that diversity in race, gender, age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, professional background, and etc., leads to a richer experience for the class.  This required information helps to ensure such diversity.

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* 4. Check All That Apply

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* 5. How did you learn about Other Voices?

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* 8. In your judgement, what are the top human relations challenges facing Greensboro? 

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* 9. How do you feel the Other Voices experience will benefit you in your involvement with the community/professional organizations to which you belong?