Successful Tenancies: Private Rental Housing Survey

About This Survey
WomanACT is currently undertaking research to understand survivors' experiences in private rental housing in Toronto. This survey aims to collect information on survivors' housing situations, access to rental housing, and experiences when living in private rentals. Information gathered in this survey will inform a research report and other related deliverables.

Who Can Take This Survey?
You are eligible to complete this survey if all of the following statements apply.
  • I am a woman or gender diverse person.
  • I have experienced gender-based violence (e.g., domestic violence, sexual violence).
  • I currently live in private rental housing (housing rented directly from a private landlord or property manager) in Toronto.
What Your Participation Means
The survey will take approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. You will be asked about your current and past housing experiences in Toronto's private rental market. The survey consists of multiple choice, ranking, and open-ended questions.

Potential Risks of Participation
The risks of participation are low. Due to the nature of the research topic, certain questions may cause discomfort and we encourage completion of the survey in a safe environment. If you feel uncomfortable, you can skip a question or stop participation, either temporarily or permanently. There is a very low risk that that participant information will be unintentionally released. This is unlikely given the confidentiality measures discussed below.
Confidentiality and Publication of Results
All survey responses are anonymous. Data collected in this survey will be stored in a password-protected capacity and only accessed by members of the research team. These data will be deleted within one year from project completion. Information gathered in this survey will be analyzed to inform a research report and other project deliverables. These materials will not include identifiable information. These materials may be shared publicly on WomanACT’s website and social media.

Incentives for Participation
Participants who complete the survey will receive a $25 e-gift card to thank them for their time. You will need an email address to receive the e-gift card. Contact information provided to receive the e-gift card will not be linked to survey responses.

Voluntary Participation and Withdrawal
Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary. You may choose not to participate or to withdraw at any time during participation. If you choose not to participate or to withdraw from participation, there will not be any penalties. Once you submit your survey, your responses cannot be withdrawn.
If you have questions about the project or survey or require any accommodations, please feel free to contact:

Hannah Ali, Research Support Assistant ( | 416-944-9242 x238)
Alissa Klingbaum, Research and Policy Coordinator ( | 416-944-9242 x223)

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