Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey by the 2013 District 8 Meeting Program Committee supported by Oregon AALAS, Washington AALAS & the Northern Rocky Mountain Branch.

Your feedback is important to us so that we can put on the best meeting possible in 2013. This survey should take less than 5 minutes of your time. Your response will be completely anonymous.

If you have any questions about the survey or about the upcoming AALAS District 8 Meeting in beautiful Portland, Oregon please contact the 2013 D8 Meeting Co-Chairs, Tom Chatkupt ( or Drew Martin (

* 1. Please indicate your interest level for the following potential meeting workshops:

  Not Interested Slightly Interested Somewhat Interested Very Interested Extremely Interested
Nonhuman Primate Behavior and Tour of the Oregon National Primate Research Center
Rabbit Endotracheal Intubation and Anesthesia Techniques
Swine Anesthesia and Vascular Access
"It's a Gas": Waste Anesthetic Gas Scavenging
How to setup an Outreach Program & Lab
Rodent Tattooing
Xenopus Necropsy Techniques
Aseptic Technique
Rodent endotracheal Intubation
Rodent Castration & Ovariectomy
Rodent Necropsy
Cage Wash Workshop
Mini-AALAS Leadership Academy Type of Event

* 2. Please indicate if you would be interested in taking a paper and pencil AALAS certification exam while attending the District 8 AALAS meeting in Portland, Oregon:

  Yes No

* 3. If you have any suggestions for potential workshops not listed above, please enter here.

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