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Educating Young Children Through Daily Family Life (ARC Arena) by Haley Stewart (Friday keynote)
The Grace of Enough: Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture (ARC Arena) by Haley Stewart (Saturday keynote)
Charlotte Mason Foundations: A Paradigm Shift (ARC Arena) by Nancy Kelly
PSEO in Minnesota (OEC Main) by Cheri Frame
Now What?!?: What to do when your homeschooling days are over (OEC 201) by Anne Bielejeski
Beginning Homeschooling: Beyond the Basics by Cathie Baier
Virtue: The Key Ingredient of Education (ARC Arena) by Deacon Joseph Michalak
Great Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree (OEC Main) panel discussion by the Center of the American Experiment
Living the Liturgical Life (OEC 201) by Amber Sechser
Parenting the Young Child: Best Practices From Charlotte Mason For a Life of Wonder (OEC 216) by Nancy Kelly
Parenting in Difficult Circumstances (ARC Arena) by Haley Stewart
​Transcripts and Record-Keeping (OEC Main) by Cheri Frame
What are we aiming at? The Father’s Plan of Salvation (OEC 201) by Deacon Joseph Michalak
​How Being Homeschooled Fostered Creativity and Independence (OEC 216) by David and John Stokman​
Friday Seminar: Preparing for High School & Beyond by Cheri Frame
Friday Seminar: Bloggers Workshops (ARC 110 - Tommie Room) by Sterling Jaquith (remotely)