* 1. Do you support the idea of developing a modern apprenticeship scheme for the Scottish Applied Arts community?

* 2. Would you consider employing a part-funded, full time apprentice within your practice? It may be possible to receive up to 80% funding for an apprentice on a standard employment contract. For example a full time apprentice on minimum wage might cost the employer £2000 in the first year.

* 3. If you feel you could not take on the responsibility of a full time apprentice, would you consider someone part time, for example, one or two days a week or one week out of four?

* 4. Please describe any reservations or concerns you may have in your position to provide for an apprentice? (for example: health and safety upgrade requirements, lack of employment law knowledge, PAYE responsibilities)

* 5. Would you consider training to become an apprenticeship assessor, and diversify your practice in providing this service?

* 6. In your current practice are you in a position to expand and grow your business with the responsibility for and assistance of a potentially loyal apprentice who may become a profitable addition to your business in the near future?

* 7. For the purposes of making your voice count in this survey please provide some form of identification, your e-mail address and/or website or your full name and address. We will not use your identification to send you unrequested correspondence.

* 8. If you would like AAS to keep you informed of the future outcomes or opportunities regarding apprenticeships please tick yes and provide your e-mail address if you have not already.

* 9. Please state your role in the sector of Scottish applied arts.