1. ESL Student Math Survey

This is a shadow survey demonstrating the questions used in a recent survey designed to gather information to help support ESL students as they take Math classes.

* 1. In my country, I completed Math at this level:

* 2. In my country, I successfully passed (equivalent of C or better) my Math courses.

* 3. I have taken the Math placement test at Cañada.

* 4. I have taken Math classes at Cañada or someplace else in the U.S. for one or more semesters.

* 5. I am somewhat anxious about taking Math at Cañada.

* 6. I anticipate that I might have some challenges in Math because of these factors:

* 7. When I take courses in Math at Cañada, I would like a Math tutor.

* 8. When I take Math courses at Cañada, I plan to use the MESA Center in the Learning Center.

* 9. I would like to take a Math class at Cañada in which an ESL instructor provides language support.

* 10. Cañada could help me in my Math class(es) by