1. 2009 Cumberland County, Stray Cat Count Survey

Please assist the LA Animal Shelter to collect data regarding problems relating to stray cats in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.

Complete and mail printed copy by December 5, 2009, to LA Animal Shelter, 668 Smith Road, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, B4H 3Y4

* 1. How did you find this survey?

* 2. Name of Town / Community?

* 3. Do you have a problem with stray cats in your community?

* 5. Do you feed the cats?

* 6. If you said "YES" to the previous question. How often do you feed the cats?

* 7. Do you provide shelter for the cats ?

* 8. Does the presence of stray cats in your community concern you?

* 9. If you said "YES" to the previous question, Why?

* 10. To receive the results of this survey, please enter your email below. Your address will only be used to send you the survey results and will not be used in any other way.