About Expanded TK

“Expanded TK”  (ETK) is a new and flexible way for school districts to use a combination of district and state funding to offer kindergarten readiness opportunities to children who might not otherwise benefit from a quality preschool program. A 2015-2016 budget trailer bill (see Education Code 48000 (c)(3)(B), as amended by SB 77, Section 28) made explicit that school districts can collect state Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding for children enrolled in TK at any point in the school year, once they turn 5. Some pioneering districts have already taken the state up on this offer of ETK funding.

ETK allows more 4-year-olds the opportunity to learn from a curriculum more appropriate for their age and gives them an opportunity to prepare for kindergarten in a class that is aligned to the district’s K-12 program. The ETK format also grants districts the opportunity to expand TK in ways that work best in the local context.

About the Survey

Early Edge would like to learn more about individual districts’ knowledge of ETK and their plans for use of new funds that support ETK. We are asking early education administrators to take a moment to complete a brief survey about ETK.

The information you provide will help ensure Early Edge’s future outreach and support efforts are tailored to the needs of districts. In addition, this survey is an opportunity for districts to tell us about the types of resources that will be most helpful. Your responses to these questions are intended to help inform Early Edge about the types of resources and support that are most helpful. This information will not be published.
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